Celebrate Your Wedding With Pinot Noir Red Wine

Weddings are just one of several celebrations in any one’s life that is begging to include wine coolers in its menu. And not just any kind of wine, as red wine is the popular choice in most receptions. If you are planning to serve red wine at your own wedding reception, there is a wide variety of red wines you can choose from. One is the most requested varieties is the Pinot noir. This wine is so popular among wine enthusiasts that it has been described as “the most romantic of wines,” a description that makes it a perfect fit for weddings.

Made from a delicate and hard-to-grow grape variety of the same name, pinot noir wine is one of the oldest and most celebrated types of wine. Since the grapes are hard to grow, this type of wine is produced in smaller amounts compared to other varieties. This makes pinot noir pricier too, but definitely worth its value.
Pinot noir grapes grow in the Burgundy region of France and in different parts of Europe, like Austria, Germany, Italy, and Hungary. It is also planted in New Zealand and Australia. In the States, California and Oregon are the largest producers. During processing, the grapes produce a light colored type of wine. This characteristic attracts many people, as it possesses a silky soft texture, which also makes it a good choice among first time red wine drinkers. Its flavors may include cherry, spices, herbs, florals, and light tannins.
The unique depth of flavors makes pinot noir perfect for almost any type of dishes. If you are serving seafood (most especially salmon), fowl, beef, and earthy vegetable dishes, such as mushrooms, your guests will be delighted once they take a sip of their pinot noir. They will swear that these dishes are the perfect pinot noir pairings.


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